CHF 3’391.70 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 when converted it’s a little over 5’000 Australian Dollars !!!! Going to the disaster relief in Australia for animals, people and firefighters.

We have now received a final donation from Bürgisweyerbad a restaurant in Madiswil of 408.85 who donated 50 cents of every liter of water sold during the month of January.

When times are tough we often have help from our friends and neighbors but the support from this tiny country, landlocked in the middle of Europe for a big island literally on the other side of the world is amazing.

As previously stated the money will be divided between 3 different organizations
· WIRES to help the animals,
· the rural fire service to support the firefighters
· and the Red Cross to help the people. Unfortunately the Red Cross are keeping the majority of their donations for future disasters. In order to make sure your generous donations are getting to the people that need it now, I have made the decision to donate to a volunteer based organization called Blazeaid which helps rural communities get back on their feet after natural disasters instead of the Red Cross. Blazeaid has already set up camps across Australia helping people who have suffered droughts, fires and floods rebuild sooner than most other organizations.

I wish to say “thanks mate” on behalf of the Australian people to every single person or business who donated.

Your generosity has been so humbling. Thank you 🙏